"Exercising the Mind & Body"  


DoggyXcursions provides on and off-leash outdoor recreation for your dog(s). We also offer training, behavior modification, problem solving, in-home pet sitting, day time walks, and more.

Every year, many dogs are abandoned, even euthanized because they have come to behave in unacceptable ways. In many cases, these behavioral problems are the result of inept or inconsistent training and lack of mental and physical stimulation. If not properly exposed to a variety of people, other animals, and places, dogs can be frustrated, destructive, anxious, withdrawn, or bored. Attention helps a dog blossom. Providing enrichment and the right training is essential to the welfare of dogs; and a peace of mind to their owners.

DoggyXcursions meets the needs of your dog by providing vast opportunities to experience the environment while engaging all of their senses. Our nationally certified trainers will develop positive communication with your dog, teaching them how to walk nicely on-leash, leave it, sit/stay, come when called, and to have fun!

DoggyXcursions is the only Hampton Roads dog service that not only offers dog-specific outdoor recreation, but positive reward training and development by nationally recognized trainers. Trips include visits to federal refuges, state parks, nature preserves, private lands, wildlife management areas, beaches, and more!